Isabelle Fuhrmann joins Will Smith on After Earth


Fresh off The Hunger Games, fourteen year old actress Isabella Fuhrman has signed up to star alongside Will Smith and his bioengineered-for-success son Jaden on After Earth, a sci-fi set in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth has become uninhabitable.

Smith Sr. will play a heroic warrior whose son (Smith Jr.) is considered a disappointment of Carlton-esque proportions. When the two crash land on the toxic Earth (“Awww, hell naw!”), the son has to step up to the plate and save his dad in some sort of character arc situation. Fuhrmann will play Rayna, a friend to Jaden’s character, while Zoe Kravitz and Sophie Okonedo are also part of the cast. I’m predicting great things, because the man behind the camera is M. Night Shylawnmowerman, and we all know how great he is at directing children.

[via JoBlo and The Hollywood Reporter]