Ismael’s Ghosts and a lesson in presumption

Ismael's Ghosts - Official Trailer

Ismael’s Ghosts is your typical love story: Boy falls in love with girl. Boy marries girl. Girl is presumed dead. Boy moves on. Girl comes back twenty years later. Boy freaks out. It’s a tale as old as time. Almost like Romeo and Juliet in reverse. 

Released in 2017 to mixed reviews, the French film is making its stateside debut next month in hopes of friendlier results. Following the titular character, the film dives into the life of a man who has spent the past twenty years in an attempt to move on from his wife’s death. With a new love and a film project to occupy his time, things seem to be going well for Ismael until his wife returns and creates the most awkward love triangle ever and sends Ismael spiraling. 

Check out the trailer above, and catch Ismael’s Ghosts when it hits theaters on March 23rd. 

Nick Hershey