It director Andy Muschietti rumored for DC’s The Flash


With Shazam! behind us and Wonder Woman 1984 coming next year, the DC Expanded Universe is looking a little gaunt when compared to its Marvel-ous cousin. Things might speed up some with news that It director Andy Muschietti might take up directing The Flash, the solo feature starring everyone’s favorite red blur.

Making his feature debut with the Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama in 2013, Andy Muschietti found critical and commercial success with It, his adaptation of the tome-like Stephen King novel. So massive a book that was that It Chapter Two, the conclusory half of the keep-you-up-at-night clown saga will be hitting theaters in early September this year. After that things might get a little more upbeat for Muschietti.

This wouldn’t be the first time Warner Bros. taps a director known primarily for horror for one of their superhero epics; last year’s Aquaman was directed by James Wan, best-known for the Saw and Conjuring films.

With nothing yet finalized the talks could fall through or vanish entirely, but Muschietti’s track record of late might be the solid filmmaking the struggling DCEU could use.

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