It Follows sets up atmosphere with French trailer


I haven’t been to enough festivals this year to have caught It Follows yet, which is a shame because it’s being mentioned in the same breath as The Badabook when talking about horror films. The trailer above doesn’t tease too much other than atmosphere, but the films main concept is that there is an evil force that follows you no matter what and you get that force (or get rid of it) by having sex. Basically it’s an STD.

Like the best of horror films the movie takes a really scare and turns it into something menacing. In this case sexually transmitted diseases. The only issue I see is that the protagonist just has to have sex to get rid of it so where’s the tension? I suppose you don’t want to curse someone else, but couldn’t we all just agree to have “it” following us for a while and then bang it out with the next person in line?

No U.S. release date yet, but here’s a poster. 

Matthew Razak
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