It’s so hard to say goodbye … in movies

Movie phone hang ups

If you’re anything like me, this bit of information will be sure to blow your motherflippin’ mind. If you claim to have noticed this already, you’re either a savant who counts toothpicks or a dirty rotten liar. Are you ready to take the red pill? In the movies, people rarely ever say “goodbye” before they hang up the phone.

I know, right!? I mean, in all my years watching movies, I don’t think I’ve ever payed attention to the phone etiquette being practiced in films. Granted, I had other things to distract me (such as plot, character development, explosions and boobies), but the fact that this has slipped by me really frustrates me to no end. Apparently, YouTube user NordenStuff is one of those aforementioned toothpick counting savants and has compiled a collection of scenes in which characters either don’t say goodbye or even signify that the conversation is finished before hanging up the phone. It’s all very eye opening and at the same time very rude.

Am I insane to think that this awareness of movie phone etiquette is comparable to discovering the man behind the curtain? Please reassure me in the comments because my whole world has been turned upside down at this point. This is definitely going to ruin my life because now I will FOREVER be obsessed with analyzing phone conversations in movies. I’m talking Howard Hughes kind of obsessed, to the point where I better start collecting milk bottles to piss in.

[via Videogum. Thanks for the tip, Elyse!]