J.J. Abrams new show, Demimonde, picked up to series by HBO


J.J. Abrams hasn’t sat down to write a TV show since Fringe ended, but that doesn’t mean people weren’t clamoring to get their hands on his next effort, a sci-fi drama called Demimonde. HBO has picked up the show and is going straight to series with it, which is sign of how sure they are of Abrams delivering a quality show. In fact the entire show was shopped as only a spec script, and HBO and Apple bid pretty high for it.

The show follows a family who gets into a bad car crash that leaves the scientist mother in a coma. Her daughter starts looking through her research and gets sucked into another world where a war between monsters is occurring. Chasing after her is her father who enters the world as well. It sounds pretty large in scope, but HBO is only describing it as “an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama.”

Abrams shows are always intriguing from his early days with Felicity to Fringes steadily expanding mythos, but they also often seem to be ideas without endings. Considering this was bought on spec it’s pretty risky that the show could fall into the same trap that the likes of Lost did, where the show becomes directionless because it was planned out well enough. However, HBO and Abrams worked together on producing Westworld so they know what they’re getting into. 

J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi Drama ‘Demimonde’ Lands at HBO With Series Pickup [THR]

Matthew Razak
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