J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek 2 may be 3D…if he’s even making it


J.J. Abrams got me to care about Star Trek with his 2009 reboot of the franchise. It was something I had never got into before for whatever reason, but his take on it was pretty fun. I assumed he was naturally doing Star Trek 2, but Get the Big Picture notes that he hasn’t actually signed on to direct the second film, mainly because he hasn’t seen the script.

Fair enough, but get this: Paramount is asking Abrams to shoot Star Trek 2 in 3D. As in, asking the guy who isn’t part of the project yet. Uh, that’s a little weird. Abrams has traditionally turned down 3D projects. Says Abrams:

I have nothing against 3D in theory. But I’ve also never run to the movies because something’s in 3D. [As for Trek], as soon as I read the script, if it says “Somebody pushes a weapon toward the camera in a menacing way,” and we think, “That’d be better in 3D!”…I dunno. What do you wanna see? 2D or 3D?

I agree with Abrams. I’m a heavy skeptic of 3D, and while I certainly don’t avoid movies with 3D or even really dislike it, I don’t think it’s anything more than a gimmick that doesn’t add to the film. I’m open to 3D doing something significant in the future – Tron: Legacy almost achieved this by using 3D as a distinguisher in the same vein as color in The Wizard of Oz – but as of yet, I haven’t seen that. What’s more concerning here is the possible lack of Abrams as director. I know I’ll become less interested in Star Trek 2 if he’s not involved.

[via Get the Big Picture]