Jack Black and Nacho Libre director reuniting for Micronations


I sort of see Nacho Libre as the beginning of a slow slide for Jack Black’s super stardom. The guy use to be everywhere, but his schtick got old pretty fast and now he just pops up in cameos and weird dramadies (though I’m crazy excited for Goosbumps). However, many peoplae have a fond memory of the film so they should be excited that its director, Jared Hess, and Black are coming back for a new movie called Micronations

There’s some hope for this one as the screenplay was written by “New Girl” writers Robert Snow and Christian Magalhaes, and that show is hilarious. The film is based off of real things called micronations, which is when someone basically claims their patch of land an independent nation. These things actually exist, they aren’t just a Family Guy episode. Obviously the subject is ripe for humor. 

The official plot summary is as follows.

In Micronations, a lovable oddball finds a place to belong among the bizarre and ridiculous world of “do-it-yourself countries,” inhabited by a motley crew of eccentrics and visionaries who have declared their own backyards sovereign nations…or “micronations.” He soon finds himself recruited as Head of Defense for the tiny nation of Valoria (population: 12), and is thrust into an overblown battle with neighboring nation, Wayne County, Nevada.

Matthew Razak
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