Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig will co-star in Toni Erdmann remake


While Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann didn’t live up to its initial hype for me, I came to appreciate the film’s thoughtful, funny, and rather sad exploration of child/parent relationships in adulthood. The movie made my top 15 films of 2016 list, and I’ll probably watch Toni Erdmann again in the coming months for a critical reassessment.

Paramount is moving forward with an American remake of Toni Erdmann, and they’ve cast the film’s leads. Jack Nicholson has returned from retirement to star in the movie alongside Kristen Wiig. This is Nicholson’s first big screen role since 2010’s How Do You Know.

As of this writing there is no writer or director attached to the project. Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and Wiig will serve as producers on the film.

Toni Erdmann | Official US Trailer (2016)

I’m curious how much of the material in the original German film (which is almost three hours long) will make it into the American version. Certain scenes seem indispensable, others seems Germany-specific. I also wonder how much of the business consultant material will be re-tailored, or if it even needs to be adjusted that much. That’s the dilemma with any remake: how much is merely redone and rehashed, and how much is its own unique animal.

If anything, having Nicholson back on screen ought to be fun. He’s playing an impish trickster and crappy father. That’s inspired casting, though maybe a little bit stunt casting; it’s Nicholson playing the idea of Jack Nicholson. If Wiig has a similar role in the remake as Sandra Huller did in the original, it’ll play to her strengths as a comedian with a knack for character-driven drama.

What do you think? Are you suddenly interested in Toni Erdmann? Comment below.

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