Jack Nicholson supposedly retiring… supposedly


Oh blimey. This is pretty heavy news. A ‘source’ has apparently suggested that Mr Nicholson has been suffering some memory loss recently and has chosen to retire from acting altogether. Nicholson’s last film last came out over three years ago, How Do You Know, so this shouldn’t come as that heavy of a surprise. It’s still pretty heavy news nonetheless, he’s one of the two actors to ever be nominated for an Oscar in ever decade from 1960 to the 2000s (the other being Michael Caine).

Nicholson is practically a titan of the acting industry and the Academy Awards. His films have delighted us for many years and if this is truly his goodbye then, well, not too many actors leave with such a strong filmography. There are literally too many roles to mention, and so many that this writer wants to talk about, that perhaps it would be best to leave such chatter until past confirmation. 

[via The Telegraph]