Jack Reacher 2 may be helmed by Edward Zwick


Jack Reacher is a character with a crap ton of books so we all assumed that Paramount was gunning for a franchise when they released the surprisingly retro Jack Reacher, but the numbers for it weren’t so great here in the U.S. However, Cruise still has star power clout over seas so the movie did make money and Paramount is desperate for more franchises so a sequel has been in the works.

The latest person attached to it is Edward Zwick, who Deadline says will be both directing and re-writing the screenplay that is based off the Reacher book Never Go Back. Zwick directed Cruise in The Last Samurai so the two can definitely make good movies together, but this would be the most action heavy project Zwick has ever taken on. However he handles the movie hopefully it turns out to be just as relentlessly old school as the first one, which felt refreshingly simple for a modern day action flick. 

Matthew Razak
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