Jack the Giant Slayer on track to lose $125-140 million


The rest of the world seems to agree with Matt on this one. In his review, he criticized Giant Slayer‘s lack of anything special, and that’s now reflected in its Box Office performance. After its four week run (it’s only been four weeks? It feels like forever ago!), Giant Slayer has only made about $200 million dollars (140 worldwide, 65 domestic) and that’s nowhere near enough to cover its $300 million production and advertising costs. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this puts Giant Slayer in the same boat as other flops Battleship and even John Carter. So what does this mean? It means that some bigwig somewhere learned the hard way that people want more than just gritty fairy tale reboots. At the very least, it means audiences are starting to get smarter and more appreciative of better quality films. Could Giant Slayer potentially make its money back on home video and find a following like Dredd did?

Hell no, Dredd is the law

[via THR]