Jack White to score The Lone Ranger


Fresh off from the release of his (awesome) solo album, Jack White has been announced to write the score to Gore Verbenski’s adaptation of The Lone Ranger. Alex put it in the staff email “I think Max just spouted love juice in his pants.” And for once, he’s right.

I love the concept of a popular musician scoring a movie. Hearing that artist’s unique approach to music, and seeing how it translates to the screen gets my nether regions sweaty. But the best part is that my favorite musicians are starting to do scores. Trent Reznor was the first to do it, and twice now, he (along with Atticus Ross) has made brilliant music. I think Jack’s unique take on blues, rock, and country would be kind of incredible to hear on the big screen. Check after the break to see what I mean.

Mr. Verbenski, you’ve sold me. I’ll suffer through Johnny Depp wearing that…thing to hear some new Jack White music.

[via Collider]