Jackass director to film Revenge of the Jocks


This is about as mean-spirited a project as I’ve seen recently. Jeff Tremaine, director of the three Jackass movies and many of the TV series’s episodes, has signed on to direct Revenge of the Jocks, written by Raimi and Etan Cohen, soon to be re-written by I Heart Huckabees writer Jeff Baena. The plot is a lot like the title. A group of high school jocks, once big men on campus, are working under the nerds that have grown to control the world and are tormenting the jocks that used to make fun of them at school. So the jocks, you know, take their revenge.

Seriously, this is a real thing? This sounds like an SNL sketch, maybe something with Alex Baldwin guest starring. I mean one of the only things that helps some kids get through high school is the knowledge that, someday, their brains will mean something in the world. Do we need a movie about a bunch of assholes glorifying their high school days, forgetting all the mean stuff they did to less popular kids, and taking it as some kind of divine right that they get to be dicks again? For God’s sake, let’s just stop paying attention to bullying in general. Those nerds can take it, and eventually they’ll run the world, so let them get their swirlies. And if they kill themselves, it’s just one less nerd, right? Because who wants those guys running the world?

F**k this movie, and f**k anyone that thought it was a good idea. If this doesn’t get scuttled in pre-production, it’ll do more harm than good.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]