Jackie Earle Haley is a massive racist for Spielberg


Jackie Earle Haley, who has recently revived his career by playing a series of creepy, child molester-y dudes, has just been cast in Steven Spielberg’s long-in-wait Lincoln biopic Lincoln. He will be playing the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens. The history students among you will remember Stephens as a man who claimed that one of the cornerstones of the Confederacy was that slavery was the “natural condition” of black people. I’d like every one of you dicks from back home in Virginia to read that and remember it every time you fly the Confederate flag and talk about how it’s about embracing your heritage, not about racism. Because, seriously dude, it totally is pretty much all about racism.

Haley is a fantastic actor, and I’m probably more pumped that Spielberg is finally making his Lincoln movie than I am about most of the geeky flicks coming out over the next couple years. Except for Ghost Rider. If this Lincoln movie has Lincoln pissing fire, I’ll be more excited for it than Ghost Rider.

[Via Deadline]