James Cameron discusses the future of movies


At CinemaCon this week, James Cameron held a discussion called “A Demonstration and Exclusive Look at the Future of Cinema”, where the unoriginal director discussed how higher frame rates are going to be the next big push in movies. To which I say “THBBBBBFT!”

His argument is that the current 24fps standard creates a strobing effect whenever there is camera movement. And, well, that’s about it. He doesn’t create any argument at all as to why the 24FPS standard is broken, other than “the movement isn’t smooth enough!” Cameron went on to show footage he shot at 24, 48, and 60FPS. While I haven’t seen the footage, Peter Sciretta from /Film gave his opinion, saying that the high speed footage was “…incredible”.

While 48 and 60fps is a great standard for sports videography, it should not be incorporated into the film world. In sports, you’re documenting real life and you want to showcase it as such. Nice, smooth movement looks great for sports. But for film? It’d look artificial and discomforting. The point of movies is that you’re taking an artistic view of life. Not everything has to be exactly like real life Besides, from a post production standpoint, there are enough frame rates as it is. Between 29.97/59.97, 23.98, 24, and 25fps, there’s too much going on, and even more confusion ensues.

[via /Film]