James Cameron talks about ‘Avatar’ sequels: a 1-act play


“James? You’ve got an interview with the Associated Press in about ten minutes, sir.”

“Oh, thanks…Jon, was it? You’re the new intern?”

“Uh, sure. What are they planning to ask you?”

“We’re probably going to talk about the Avatar sequels, I guess. I’m planning to shoot them in New Zealand. The first movie focused on Jake Sully a lot, but I want to make a Godfather-esque series based on his family.”

“James, maybe you shouldn’t compare a preachy sci-fi movie that critics and audiences have retroactively decided to hate to one of the greatest trilogies ever made.”

“I think it’s a perfectly valid comparison, Jon. I mean, I wouldn’t call The Godfather preachy, but you’re entitled to your opinion.”

[Jon sighs the sigh of a defeated man. It’s clear he’s had this conversation before.]

“Sure, James. Whatever you say.”

[Source: Slashfilm]