James Franco’s The Room true story film The Disaster Artist has trailer


In bad movie news, Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic, and honorific title holder for world’s worst movie ever, The Room is getting the Hollywood treatment with a movie about the movie and its odd writer-director-star. And now, it’s got a trailer.

It’s quite a statement that a real actor, a qualified actor at that, cannot pretend to be bad enough, or odd enough to even come close to as bad as the real thing. That statement bears repeating: Tommy Wiseau’s original performance from The Room was so definingly and amazingly terrible that a good actor cannot act it bad enough to seem to be as real as the original. If you follow that verbal maze, you might just be astounded watching this trailer.


The Disaster Artist | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

Is making a comedy with comedic all-star talent of a movie so bad it’s good a good idea? We won’t know until the film’s release in December, but I’m pretty sure I’m sold. Usually getting James Franco and Seth Rogen together is a decent if not good idea. At the very least,  you should see The Room. It’s as weird and awkward a piece as you’ll ever see. Get some drinks. Get some friends. And enjoy. And if you do, maybe consider seeing the Franco brothers play grabass on screen with Seth Rogen come December.

What do you think? Good idea or bad? Will you see it? Let us know in the comments–or just offer your personal bad movie pick for an official Hollywood telling.

Dave and James Franco play brotherly grabass with Seth Rogen in The Disaster Artist, the story behind the worst movie ever, The Room.

James Franco is Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist.