James Franco to star in Noah Baumbach film While We’re Young


Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Kicking and Screaming) seems to have really liked his Greenberg actors. The follow-up to the awkward movie, While We’re Young, is rumored to have Greenberg star Ben Stiller re-unite with the writer-director, with an offer made to Greenberg co-star, Greta Gerwig. However, according to Vulture, James Franco will be joining in the fun, with rumors of Cate Blanchett offered a role.

Not much is known about the script, but it’s rumored to couple Franco and Gerwig together as young foils to Stiller and Blanchett. Of course, like most of Baumbach’s films, there’s sure to be scenes of awkward honesty and cringe-inducing moments.

As some of you may know, I’m a HUGE fan of James Franco (as well as Baumbach). The combination of the two could lead to great things. Hopefully, the reunion of Stiller and Gerwig won’t lead to another cunnilingus scene. I’ve been scarred once already, Noah.

[via Vulture]