James Gunn working to reboot Starsky and Hutch with Sony


Deadline is reporting that Sony and James Gunn are teaming up to bring Starsky and Hutch back into action as a new TV series. If you recall either the original show or the comedic movie based on the series, it’s about two cops, who deal with crime in their own ways teaming up to drive a cool car and chase bad guys. Basically it was the template for every buddy cop show after it, and as such sounds pretty unoriginal now.

However, with Gunn developing the show and writing for it we may get something interesting anyway. Sony is describing it as a “character-driven one-hour procedural.” That sounds pretty serious, but that’s basically what they describe every cop show as these days. Saying something is character driven is basically saying it taste like chicken these days. I’m guessing it will have a comic touch thanks to Gunn, or maybe even take place in the 70s like the original show did giving it an actual way of standing out. 

Key to all of this is the fact that no one has actually picked up the show. Unless a network or streaming service jumps on it we won’t be seeing it at all. 

Matthew Razak
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