James Mangold talks ‘The Wolverine’


There was considerable fan dismay when Darren Aronofsky departed The Wolverine, meaning that new director James Mangold was always going to have a challenge proving himself a worthy inheritor to the project. Even though he has been behind some enjoyable movies, such as Cop Land and the 3:10 To Yuma remake, that his most recent release was the awful Knight & Day didn’t do much to inspire confidence. Fortunately, according to an interview given to The Playlist, it sounds as though he has a promising vision for the latest X-Man outing:

The fact that half of the characters in this movie speak Japanese, this is like a foreign-language superhero movie that’s as much a drama and a detective story and a film noir, with high-octane action as it is anything like a conventional tentpole film.

Mangold also discussed how he believes the script has character-based elements in common with The Outlaw Josie Wales and Chinatown. A Japanese-based superhero noir-western starring a dude with unbreakable metal claws? That’ll do me. At least it surely can’t be much worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

[via The Playlist]