James Wan directing Aquaman and Robotech


James Wan has thus far been known primarily as a horror director, but with the massive success of Furious 7 that is evidently over. The director has agreed to develop and direct WB’s upcoming Aquaman and the adaptation of Robotech in the works for Sony. That’s two high-profile actioners for a director who is so hot right now.

Aquaman isn’t that big of a surprise as the director has been rumored to be jumping onto it once he completes The Conjuring 2. WB is working to pull in interesting directors and Wan can definitely do interesting. The only issue I see here is that his direction on Furious 7 actually wasn’t all that special. The film was fun, but it definitely was a step back from Furious 6, which had the prolific Justin Lin directing. 

In terms of Robotech, this probably means we won’t be seeing this film for a good long while. It’s still early development, obviously, but with Wan tackling two projects already this one is going to come last and Aquaman isn’t releasing until 2018. Considering we’ve already had directors come and go on this project it’s probably not a lock that Wan will stick around. 

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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