James Wan is returning to horror before he directs Aquaman 2


James Wan was once one of the leading directors in horror after he burst on the scene with the original Saw and then went on to kickoff the entire Conjuring cinematic universe. But he was lured away from making people jump out of their seats by massive action movies that pay him millions of dollars. I mean, can you blame him?

It appears he has an itching, however, for some of that good old scary movie making. Before he returns to the DC Universe with Aquaman 2 the director has announced that he’ll be making an independent horror film this September. There’s no details about the movie but Wan is co-writing, directing, and co-producing the film with New Line as the production company behind it all. Other than that there is pretty much no info and we’ll just have to wait for more.

It’s not like the guy has to do this. He’s making plenty of money and given the returns on both Aquaman and Furious 7 he could land any job he wanted so it’s cool that he’s taking the time to do a passion project even if it turns out just to be some campy horror. Knowing Wan and his ability to deliver clever and even groundbreaking horror films, we’re guessing this will be something a bit more than that.

James Wan Returns to Horror with New Indie Project [Collider]

Matthew Razak
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