James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat to start filming in Australia


It looks like round one has commenced on the James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat reboot. Due to begin filming this month, the video game adaptation will be the debut for commercial-director Simon McQuoid. Hopefully he realizes that all he has to do is show one dude ripping out another dude’s spine for this to be a home run. It’s just that easy.

Mortal Kombat seems like it should be a simple transition to film (so long as it’s R-rated), as its built on the spectacle of bloody fights. Most fighting games should be simple enough to adapt to film (except whatever the hell the plot is supposed to be in Blazblue), and yet none have really succeeded. I’m hoping Mortal Kombat will finally give us the ultra-violent and hyper-masculine litany of impossible beat-downs that series fans deserve. They’re certainly not going to get it with Doom.

The main question this news raises for me, however, is what exactly is Australia getting out of it? Oh sure, there’s massive job growth, but could there be a more sinister motive behind the filming location? Could it be that the country has strong-armed Wan and company into making a Kano-focused feature where we’ll see the once Japanese-American but now super Australian mercenary fight a literal rain of spiders with a boomerang and eat at Outback Steakhouse? That sounds like no rules, just wrong if you ask me, mate.

Since there are no plot details or more information on the project at this moment, I think we can all only assume the worst.

James Wan-Produced ‘Mortal Kombat’ to Shoot in Australia for New Line [Variety]

Kyle Yadlosky
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