James Wan’s new horror project will reach us Summer 2020


James Wan may be the best horror movie director working today. That is easily arguable between other directors like Mike Flanagan and Robert Eggers, but regardless James Wan is a true talent when it comes to suspense and understanding the genre. His last horror movie to hit theaters was The Conjuring 2, which was successful from both a critical and financial standpoint. He then moved on to the monster hit that was Aquaman. He then shared his plans to make an independent horror film before going back to work on Aquaman 2.

The title and release date have now been revealed for that new movie. Malignant is the title of the upcoming film and it will have the release date of August 14, 2020. This puts the movie in prime position to treat any horror fans who don’t want to wait until October for a good scare. Nothing of the plot is known at this point, but knowing Wan it’ll surely be something unnerving and spooky that he can use to frighten audiences everywhere.

Malignant is due to be released August 14, 2020


‘Malignant’ Release Date Set; James Wan’s Horror Thriller Stalks Midsummer [Deadline]