James Wan will produce a Train to Busan remake


I have yet to see the Korean film Train to Busan, but it’s in my pile of “must watch” movies as the idea of a bunch of people stuck on a train during a zombie outbreak is pretty awesome, and there must be a reason it was an international hit (hint: it was pretty awesome). I’ll get around to it someday, and now I have new motivation because I’ll want to see the original before I check out James Wan’s U.S. remake, which is currently being bid on by a host of studios with New Line in the lead. 

Wan has brought onboard Gary Dauberman to write the screenplay, which means the film could turn out to be insanely clever and layered or really stupid and cliche. Dauberman’s solo output is basically the Annabelle series, which varies in quality, and most recently had a clunker of a screenplay in The Nun. Then again, he also helped write It, and even when his movies suck they make a ton of money. I have some faith because it sounds really hard to screw up “zombies on a train.”

Wan clearly has a knack for producing horror films that people like and show up for so hopefully his Train to Busan turns out to be more in line with his quality films and less in line with the bad ones.

James Wan to Produce ‘Train to Busan’ Remake from ‘The Nun’ Writer Gary Dauberman [Updated] [Collider]

Matthew Razak
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