Jamie Foxx in talks for Benjamin Stacks in Annie reboot


Now that Will Smith and Jay Z’s Annie hip-hopera reboot (I will never stop calling it that, ever) is no longer a vehicle for Willow Smith’s hair whipping and instead will star the impressively talented Quvenzhané Wallis, its time to move forward to casting the other main character, Benjamin Stacks. Wait, I mean Daddy Warbucks. Wait, no I don’t. 

Jamie Foxx is currently in talks to star as Benjamin Stacks who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is a re-imagined version of Daddy Warbucks (as he has “stacks” of Benjamins). While this name does sound ridiculous, it’s no more ridiculous than Daddy Warbucks. That also means that my “hip-hopera” assertion isn’t too far off and I’m pretty intrigued by this whole thing. I’ll wait to pass judgment until the whole cast is revealed and we get our first piece of music. Until then, we’ll just have Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life” to tie us over. 

[via THR]