Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise lead role in Halloween


In Hollywood only has one formula for success news (sequels), original ‘final girl’ Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode, Michael Meyers’ first crush, 40 years after the original Halloween’s release. This will mark Curtis’s fifth turn as Strode in the Halloween series. Her character has died twice, the first later revealed to be a faked death. Meyers dies in pretty much every Halloween film, purportedly, only to find some way to squirm out of death in the end.

Lucrative film franchises don’t just go away. They’re re-born, re-imaganined (or not so much), and re-booted again and again. So don’t expect Michael Meyers to hang up his trademark Shatner mask or butcher’s knife any time soon. John Carpenter, original Halloween director and master of horror will executive produce. Additionally Danny McBride will EP, and co-write the piece. Yes, that Danny McBride. It must just be the thing to do now, for comedians to write horror films. They go hand in hand.