Jane Levy replaces Lily Collins in Evil Dead remake


This morning, we reported on Shiloh Fernandez’s casting as the not-Ash male lead in the Sam Raimi-produced, Diablo Cody-written Evil Dead remake. Now Jane Levy, star of some ABC show called Suburgatory, has been cast as the film’s female lead. Assuming the film follows most of the bullet points of the original, Levy will enjoy being all sorts of possessed by Deadites and other nasty things, though there’s obviously been some changes to the original story, so anything’s fair game. Levy replaces Mirror Mirror‘s Snow White, Lily Collins, who recently left the picture with no explanation. 

Is anyone actually excited for this? I’m all for giving remakes their fair chance in the sun, but this one seems hell-bent on removing most of what made Evil Dead different and charming, and Diablo Cody’s presence on the film just makes me think of Jennifer’s Body, which I see as a mix between getting something sharp stuck under your fingernails and people that use rohypnol as a recreational drug: uncomfortably painful and mindlessly stupid.

[Via Deadline]