JapanFlix having 25% discount sale in September


After a long summer of box office booms and busts, does anyone else have a desire for something new and different? Are you sick of scrolling through Netflix without finding anything odd enough to catch your eyes? Maybe a movie you know nothing about and haven’t even seen a trailer for? A foreign film perhaps? If any of the above interests you, then JapanFlix has an awesome September sale that you should definitely check out:

We’re having a sale! All features, from September 1st through September 7th, will be on sale starting at $2.99! $1 off every movie! All titles, including Pink Eiga titles, will be discounted. It’s a great time to rent the titles you’ve been wanting to check out.

Three dollars for movies you probably can’t find anywhere else is pretty great. Films from every genre are available on JapanFlix, with new movies being added every month, but they don’t have any anime yet. They also have adult films if you’re into that kind of thing. Expect some JapanFlix and Netflix reviews from Flixist in the coming weeks!