Japanator reviews Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney)


We’ve been super pumped for the Gyakuten Saiban (known as Ace Attorney in English-speaking territories) movie since we first heard that Takeshi Miike, of Ichii the Killer and 13 Assassins fame, was directing it, whereupon we make a collective cry of, “…what, do what now?” We’re mostly avid gamers at Flixist (to be expected considering we all got this job from the posting on Destructoid), so this is one we’ve been really hoping lives up to the hype.

Over at our sister site Japanator, Elliot Gay has seen the film, released this past Saturday in Japan, and he’s given it a very encouraging review. Check out Elliot’s review at Japanator right here. Now the rest of us get to sit here and wonder when it’s going to get released internationally.