Jason Bateman is vibrating with excitement


…about the Arrested Development movie. While doing the Paul press rounds, MTV asked Jason Bateman about any new updates concerning the long-awaited Arrested Development movie. While he hasn’t seen a single page of Mitch Hurwitz’s script, Bateman was pitched the concept of the movie, and seems to be very impressed with Hurwitz’s direction. “I’m vibrating with excitement… It’s everything you would want it to be and more,” said the Bluth boy. Bateman went on to say that Hurwitz is on track for finishing it by the end of the year.

The question remains, though: does this mean the Arrested Development movie is actually happening? Only time will tell. Hurwitz is knee-deep in another project, a remake of Lars von Trier’s The Boss of it All. Even though that flick won’t be in theatres until 2014, it still leaves plenty of time to work on Arrested. While I don’t think it’ll be written, shot, and completed by the end of the year like Hurwitz wants, I think 2012 is a pretty accurate guesstimate as to when the movie will come out.

[via MTV]