Jason Blum talks annual Purge sequels


Though I haven’t seen the first Purge movie, the trailer captivated me. The emergency broadcasting symbol over “America the Beautiful” caught my attention and gave me the chills. When it came out, I just didn’t feel motivated to go see it. The sequel looks pretty fun, and now Jason Blum is planning to make more.

When asked about the possibility of annual sequels, Blum commented, “I would love that. There are so many stories you can tell with that. The first movie, we never make thinking about sequels. The second movie, we always think about sequels.” 

I’ve got to agree. I like very few horror movies (I’m still waiting on a sequel to The Strangers), but the whole concept of The Purge has me intrigued. I’ve definitely got to check out the first one before the sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, releases on July 18th.

[via Collider]