Jason Bourne assumes we know him in first trailer


The Bourne franchise was supposed to be going its own merry way without Matt Damon, but after The Bourne Legacy failed to be a mega hit the actor was lured back to the character to help the universe out again. The first tease for Jason Bourne landed during the Super Bowl and it seems like the new Bourne films are going to be far more action oriented than the previous three, which leaned more heavily towards spy thrillers. Greengrass is back to direct so hopefully that’s just the trailer.

On a side note when Bond was reborn with Casino Royale the title song was “You Know My Name.” Seems like Bourne is picking up off that a bit here, huh? It is exciting to see Damon back in the role, but hopefully this isn’t a cash grab by everyone or we’ll get another Diamonds Are Forever

Bold move on the poster, though. Completely removing the film’s title in liue of its catch phrase, which then cleverly gives you the film’s title.

JASON BOURNE - First Look (HD)


Matthew Razak
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