Jason Momoa almost makes me want to subscribe to Apple TV+ with See

SEE — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Apples got a bit of a heavy lift on its hands coming in to the streaming game a bit late and as the market gets more and more crowded. However, if they’re going to be delivering content that looks as good as See it might become hard not to subscribe for at least a month. It doesn’t hurt that the price is so damn low. Plus, their real goal isn’t to turn a direct profit from streaming but make their entire ecosystem look like the place to be and prestige shows will do that. 

The concept for the series may seem pretty out there. The fact that no one can see makes for some interesting twists on the standard post-apocalyptic story. I’m not sure it’s really pushing anything that far, though. The series looks cool but I can’t tell if it’s actually doing anything original from this trailer. The “protect the future from evil religion” storyline ain’t exactly something we’re missing out on in the world of science fiction. Still, Apple seems to have dumped a ton of effort into the series and it looks good if nothing else. 

See premieres on November 1. 

Matthew Razak
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