Jason Reitman to direct film that might not be liked


There’s honesty and then there’s Jason Reitman. Talking about his new film collaboration with Juno scribe, Diablo Cody, Reitman claims that their upcoming film, Young Adults, might not be liked by the general mainstream movie audience.

According to a quote from It’s Just Movies, Reitman had this to say:

“It’s not in a charming Sweet Home Alabama kind of way but in a Greenberg or Rachel Getting Married kind of way. We had a screening of it recently and a girl in the focus group said, ‘I don’t know why Jason Reitman wants me to feel this way.’ So get ready for that fun! But don’t worry, Juno is on DVD. You can always watch that afterward and feel good again.”

The film, which stars Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson, is about a young adult author who attempts to get back with an ex-boyfriend. For those who haven’t seen Greenberg or Rachel Getting Married, the two films revolved around protagonists who were just selfish, unlikable jerks. And in Greenberg, Ben Stiller totally cunnilings a girl on-screen and it’s just really weird. HOWEVER, I’m still interested to see how Young Adult will turn out. I’m a huge fan of Reitman’s previous films, so I can’t wait wait to see how it’ll stack up alongside Up in the Air and Thank You for Smoking.

[via /Film, via It’s Just Movies]