Jason Statham says no to Fast FuriSix


Despite global outrage that the penultimate installment was not called 4 Fast 4 Furious, the franchise continues. But it is now, reportedly, without the consummate Brit badass Jason Statham. Universal has been shooting the sixth and seventh installments of The Fast and the Dubious in Europe, and rumor on the tarmac was that Jason Statham was in talks to play Jason Statham in a car.

Maybe Universal couldn’t offer enough money, or maybe Statham has decided to only make incisive auteur films from now on. Only time will tell. With or without him, the Euroversions of Hack and Monotonous are already in full production swing. 

Eventually even juggernaut Vin Diesel will get old; wake me when Slow and Decrepit comes out.

[Via Twitchfilm]