Jeff Goldblum replacing Geoff Goldbloom on Earth-2


Starting April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Geoff Goldbloom, an actor from a parallel world that scientists refer to as “Earth-2.” Goldbloom has starred in a number of successful films on Earth-2, including The Fly, Independence Day, Jurassic Park, and the Mission: Impossible franchise. Goldbloom even crossed over into our dimension (Earth-1) and played Jeff Goldblum in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

“Well, Jeff is, ah, um, a consummate professional,” Geoff told the Flixist of Earth-2. “I’m pleased to be taking a leave of absence, and, ah, well, believe this is, is, in both of our best interests.”

“Geoff, he, ah, well — he is really a fine and ah, ah upstanding human being,” Jeff told us. “I look forward to, umph, really exploring, uncovering, and ah, ah investigating the-the-the little nuances and vagaries that differentiate Earth-2 from Earth-1.”

These interdimensional jumps can be risky. Mistimed entry between parallel worlds can cause accidental warp portals to open. This means a small chance of unexpected visitors gaining access to our world.

[Via Flixist of Earth-2]

Greetings, reader. I am Hot Dog Gahsling. I am told I have an Earth-1 counterpart. You will take me to him. Failure to comply will condemn your puny universe to destruction! 

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