Jeff Goldblum replacing Mike Love of The Beach Boys


On April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Mike Love of The Beach Boys for the band’s upcoming reunion tour. The tour was announced after the reunited group played at this years Grammy’s. The shows were intended to celebrate The Beach Boys’s 50th anniversary, but bad blood between Love and Brian Wilson led to Love’s ouster.

“Well, yes, hmmm, how strange,” Goldblum mused at a press conference. “How interesting. But, that said, I hope to bring my, well, ah, my talents — and what have you — to the stage with these boys. Really, ah, my duty, as I see it, is to give the-the audience something to remember. We’re manufacturing dreams and setting sail in the dreamboats.”

Goldblum is actually an accomplished jazz pianist. He has been known to jam at clubs around Los Angeles with Lincoln Adler on sax. Sometimes Peter Weller joins them on stage playing trumpet.

“We’re pleased to have him aboard,” Wilson said at the press conference.

“Aboard the Sloop John B, Brian,” Goldblum said. “Hmm, yeah, huh? A-huh?”

“That’s right, Jeff,” Al Jardine laughed. “Hoist up the John B’s sail.”

Goldblum added, “Mike Love f***ing sucks.”

[Via NME]

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