Jeff Goldblum to observe things in a new National Geographic show


National Geographic is putting out a documentary show, in which famed thespian Jeff Goldblum learns the complex nature of seemingly ordinary things in our every day life. This is a show that none of us said we needed out loud, yet all of our collected subconsciousnesses were screaming for it. Enter The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum.

Per a press release, this National Geographic show will consist of twelve 30-minute episodes. The press release continues:

In each 30-minute episode, cameras follow Goldblum on a dynamic investigation of the world’s most extraordinary “ordinary” things—getting to the bottom of how we got them, how we make them and how they continue to impact our daily lives, as each journey of discovery has surprising connections, turns and revelations. Ice cream, baseball, subways, cereal, even toilet paper have unlikely origins and are full of surprising, hidden science of human nature, that will shape our future. It’s a fascinating universe out there, and Goldblum takes us on his unconventional ride, tackling experiments, busting myths and encountering scientific experts to reveal the astounding science that lies right beneath our eyes.

Goldblum himself also had a statement in the press release, but I refuse to believe that it is authentic, as there are no “ahs” and “uhs” in it. Welcome to peak television, where everyone’s favorite show will be the mystifying public figure from that movie about dinosaurs looking at stuff in his own personal How It’s Made. No air date as of yet, but I’m sure that the giant statue of Goldblum will hold us over for now.

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