Jeffrey Katzenberg bashes this year’s movies


Move over James Cameron, I have a new best friend in the industry! CEO of DreamWorks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg had some choice words directed towards the movies of 2011 thus far. “They suck,” said the millionaire who obviously hasn’t seen any movies this year. The CEO of Derpsville continued by asking the audience to raise their hands “…that would say the last seven or eight months of movies is the worst lineup of movies you’ve experienced in the last five years of your life.”

Mr. Katzenberg, are you deaf, blind and dumb? There have been loads of good movies to come out this year. Just to name a few: Rubber, Attack the Block, Insidious, X-Men First Class, Fast Five, Hanna, Super-8, Harry Potter 7 Part 2, and Horrible Bosses. Sir, you need to get out more and see better movies. Maybe then you’ll realize what makes good movies good, and make them again. Y’know, like Shrek or Megamind. Stop milking your franchises and make better movies.

I’ll go on record saying that this year’s releases aren’t really the strongest in years past, but there’s no need to say the line up flat out sucks. Come on, we’re getting a Muppets movie and a David Fincher flick within a month of each other! And I share similar concerns with Mr. Katzenberg when it comes to the major studios. For the most part, they’re all greedy a*sholes who want nothing more than to make a quick (and safe) buck for the sake of creativity.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]