Jennifer Lawrence joins Steven Spielberg’s War Memoir movie


Word on the street is the movie rights to the memoir of Lynsey Addario, well known wartime photojournalist, now have a home. It’s What I Do has been snapped up by Warner Brothers, directed by Stephen Spielberg, with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role.

If all this makes its way through development and one day becomes a real movie, then I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve had my fill of tales of american soldiers, from The Hurt Locker to American Sniper and everything in between. A war story from a photojournalist’s perspective sounds like a welcome change, and I trust Spielberg to make a movie empathetic and full of humanity, because that’s basically his MO. It’s easy to make drama out of the soldier’s struggle, but when that’s all we get, it’s all too easy to forget the tragedy of the bigger picture.

Maybe soon they’ll start making war movies that allow perspectives other than America’s! Ha!

[via Collider]