Jennifer Lawrence permits street fondling, apparently


“I used to walk around and be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m naked!’ But now I could walk in the street and people could start touching me and I would just wait for them to finish and I’d keep walking. I have, like, no modesty left.”

These were the poorly chosen words of X-Men: First Class’s Jennifer Lawrence as she discussed what it was like wearing the Mystique make-up, originally made so famous by Rebecca Romijn. For those of you not in the know, Mystique is a blue-skinned shape-shifter, mother to the teleporting Nightcrawler, and all-around shady character.

While Lawrence is only in the make-up (and little else) for about 10% of her screen time, this intrepid reporter is still left in the dark as to what led to the decision to have Mystique be naked and scaly in the first place. She may get around in the comics, but she is generally wearing one outfit or another. However, to be fair, these outfits are probably just her skin anyway, she’s a shape-shifter.

We most likely won’t get to see Ms. Lawrence in the make-up until shortly before First Class’s June 3rd release, but it’s comforting to know she’s okay with a little grope of appreciation from her fans.

[Via worstpreviews]