Jeremy Renner officially offered new Bourne role


That Jeremy Renner is one popular guy. After exploding (no pun intended) onto the scene in Hurt Locker the guy can’t stop getting hired, and for major franchises too. There have been strong rumors that Renner was going to be tapped to bring a new lead to the Jason Bourne series of films as Matt Damon steps down, but it has now been confirmed that he’s been offered the role by Bourne’s screen creator, Tony Gilroy.

Gilroy has been testing plenty of actors for the role in the upcoming film, The Bourne Legacy, but THR reports that it is abundantly clear that Renner is the one everyone wants. The problem is scheduling. As I said before, Renner is a busy man. He’s currently filming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (directly after shooting Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol) and will then be moving on to a little film known as The Avengers, where he’ll play Hawkeye. Add to this the fact that he’s supposed to shoot By Virtue Fall, a revenge thriller with Eric Bana, and you’ve got just about no time for him to start starring in yet another franchise film.

Have no fear, Bourne fans. Renner is a hard worker. Word on the street is that Renner will start shooting The Bourne Legacy right after Avengers filming wraps up. Clearly the man doesn’t need to sleep or maybe he really is both a superhero and an elite spy. That would explain a lot.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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