Jeremy Renner’s arms are CGI’d in the movie Tag (because he broke them)


Listen, we here at Flixist understand that moviemaking is a difficult business. Expect the unexpected, because shit happens, and you have to salvage the situation to prevent hundreds of people from losing their jobs. Sometimes, however, these situations may have absolutely absurd solutions. Enter: Jeremy Renner’s CGI arms in Tag

You may remember news that Jeremy Renner broke both(!) of his arms while working on set—to the surprise of many, the accident occurred not during the filming of Avengers: Infinity War (in which our boy Arrow-Guy didn’t even show up in), but rather for the movie in which a bunch of childhood friends run around and try to tag each other. According to co-star Jon Hamm on Ellen, Renner broke his arms (“snapped like a matchstick”) in a stunt gone wrong on the third day of production, and had to wear green screen casts for the remaining forty days of the shoot.

Thus, Jeremy Renner’s CGI arms in Tag.

There seems to be a common theme here of superhero actors needing CGI trickery and magic for hilariously dumb reasons. No one appeared to notice anything strange about Renner’s arms in the first trailer for the film, which releases June 15, so this will likely go better than Henry Cavill’s fake jaw in Justice League. But for now, just imagine Jeremy Renner attempting to look slick on the set of Tag while running around with two green extended and stiff arms.

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