Jesse Hieman tribute video reveals famous film extra

World's Greatest Extra

Ever since I first — there were many times — ogled Stacie Orrico’s Stuck music video back when MTV’s TRL was still trying to ruin the music industry one repetitious day at a time, I’ve always been surprised whenever I see the his memorable face pop up in the background of films each year. Jesse Hieman has been an extra in plenty of TV shows over the years, but there’s nothing like focusing intently on a movie in the theater when his goofy fro pops up in the background and completely ruins the moment by making me laugh.

He’s truly the Where’s Waldo face in the film industry, although at over 30 years old he’s surprisingly never been a child in any of his famous adolescent appearances. Kind of like Andy Milonakis, except you don’t see him drunkenly stumbling around town at midnight the one weekend you visit L.A. True story.

Someone on YouTube set out to find and gather most of Jesse’s notably unnoticeable roles and finally give Hieman the tribute he deserves. How many of you knew this guy’s face before today? 

[Via Reddit]