Jessie Usher to star in Independence Day 2


First things first: yes, there is still an Independence Day 2. That’s a movie that is actually going to exist, not just one that will be talked about in rumours and hypotheticals. I know. I’m scared too.

Will Smith’s not going to deign the movie with any sort of legitimacy, so they’re making do with Jessie Usher, star of Survivor’s Remorse, as his son. This in addition to Liam “the other” Hemsworth in an unspecified lead role, and most importantly, Jeff Goldblum reprising his role. Hopefully this means the sequel will keep Independence Day‘s spirit as 75% alien invasion action film and 25% Jewish road movie comedy.

Oh, also Roland Emmerich is back directing. Many, many people are dead set on this being a real movie, and that makes me feel all kinds of strange feelings.

[via THR]