JGL producing Sandman with David Goyer, may direct/star


A few weeks ago we caught wind of a rumor that David S. Goyer (writer of Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the upcoming Batman/Superman movie) was pitching an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a starring role. Apparently Warner Bros. clicked with the idea and we have confirmation that the film is currently in the pipeline. 

According to Deadline, JGL closed the deal with Warner Bros (or it’s at least closed enough for JGL to announce it on his Twitter feed) to produce, and possibly direct and star as Morpheus (the lead character in the comic) himself. They haven’t hired a writer for the film yet, so as long as Goyer keeps his mitts off of this, I’m perfectly happy with this news. 

I haven’t seen Don Jon, so I have no opinion of JGL as a director, but this is most likely good news. At least one comic book movie won’t be about people in tights punching other people in the face. 

[via Deadline