Jim Carey shows off chipped tooth for Dumb and Dumber To


Last night Jim Carey decided to show off that Dumb and Dumber To is actually happening after years of flailing. On his WhoSay account he shared the above image with the text “GESS HUUZ BAK BICHEZ?” As anyone who has seen the original Dumb and Dumber will know that’s the chipped tooth from Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas.

The film has been delayed a few times with Carey in and out and a 2012 shooting date flying by, but now all seems to be well with the world. Carrey is returning with Jeff Daniels as well, and the studios are behind the Farrelly brothers film. It’s all coming together for… well are we supposed to be excited about this? I’m happy Carrey is back, but the Farrelly’s have hardly been on their game recently. 

Anyone excited for another Dumb and Dumber now that Carrey is in?

Matthew Razak
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