Jim Parsons will be producing ABC comedy ‘Bless Her Heart’ because the world needs more Sheldon


Veteran of the long-running Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons has decided that he just can’t break from TV, and will be executive producing a new comedy with ABC. It’s been competitive, but ABC just had the edge and got dibs on the show, backed by Modern Family‘s Chuck Tatham. Based on Parson’s early life in Texas, it has been described as ‘a multigenerational family comedy centered on two very different Texas matriarchs who wreak havoc on their children’s’ lives when they all wind up living together.’ To me, it sounds like a bunch of Meemaws all plonked together under one roof and despite the un-funniness of spinoff Young Sheldon (sorry) I’m remaining optimistic about the new show’s prospects.

After an abrupt cancellation was announced for Big Bang back in August owing to ratings, it seems like a good move for Parsons to turn to producing. During his 12-year stint on the show (yes, it has been 12 whole years and I remember watching the first episode back in school), he was awarded four Emmys and a Golden Globe, as well as numerous other TV and movie roles. This includes an oft-underrated and memorable cameo ages ago in The Muppets, which I like to remind people of from time to time. The point is, Parsons has proven that he’s a funny guy, and a new pilot seems like a natural transition, a good way to flex his comic muscles.

While further details of the show have yet to be announced, what’s been confirmed is that it’s taking the form of a put-pilot, so ratings are everything. While Bang Bang originally aired on CBS, with the input of a couple of other distributors along the way, the new series is the result of an engagement with rival ABC. In a hopefully seamless transition between the acronyms, Parsons will also be going ahead under his banner, ‘That’s Wonderful’ productions. Other bigshots confirmed to be part of the deal are Todd Spiewak, Eric Norsoph and Alison Mo Massey, the latter of ‘That’s Wonderful’. Let’s hope it is, indeed, wonderful.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the pilot has to offer, and I’m hoping that with his role as executive producer, Parsons has the power to make important artistic decisions – like bringing back Soft Kitty and Moon-Pie. I can but hope! His evident fondness for Texas, owing to his own upbringing there, is bound to shine through, and I’m expecting all his characteristic deadpan humor blended with oodles of warmth for Texas family life.

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Sian Francis Cox
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